Final tips for the race day: Helsinki Street Run



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  • Pick up your bib by 1 PM on Saturday from Töölö Sports Hall! Arrive early enough and enjoy the expo! It´s open to the public so you can bring friends and family too! 
  • Prepare for the run either at home (hotel) or change your running clothes at Telia 5G-arena (previously known as Sonera Stadium).
  • Take your gear to the Helsinki Street Run guarded bag check area well before the start time! The back check area is located at the Bollis 6-field next to Telia 5G-arena. It will be open from 12pm to 9.30pm on the event day! All left items must be placed inside the official Helsinki Street Run gear check bag given at the competition office.
  • Check that your bib number is securely fastened to the front of your running outfit with the safety pins provided with your bib number!


  • Come and cheer the marathoners at 3pm when it´s their start time!
  • Final visit to the porta potty! Luckily there are lots of them in the start area!
  • Move to start area at Mäntymäentie at least 15 minutes before the start time (3.30pm). Enjoy the atmosphere and music! 


  • At 3.45pm it´s time to run! Good luck and enjoy the beautiful sights of Helsinki! We will see you at the finish line! 


  • There are six (6) refreshment stations along the route and a few cheering points! Enjoy the refreshments provided and get some extra pep in your step from the crowds!
  • Smile when you see cameras! Marathonfoto´s photographers will be taking pictures along the route!


  • YOU DID IT!!! Congratulations!
  • Keep moving. Get your medal and keep walking for at least 10 minutes to fend off stiffness! Be sure to do some postrace recovery stretches.
  • Refuel with the post-race snacks!
  • Get warm! Get into dry clothes as soon as possible.
  • Remember to collect your gear check bag!
  • Take a picture and post it on social media with the official event hashtag #helsinkistreetrun