Street Run is an EcoCompass Event



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Helsinki Running Events organized by Finnish Athletics Federation are certified as EcoCompass Events. EcoCompass is an environmental management system designed for the use of SMEs and events. The EcoCompass certificate demonstrates a commitment to continuously improving and complying with the 10 criteria of EcoCompass. It is based both on the respective Nordic environmental management systems and on international standards on environmental management.

Finnish Athletics Federation wants to develop more sustainable events around Finland. The Helsinki Running Events are acting as an example and make an example and bench mark for further use. We are aiming to minimize the environmental impact of our five events: Helsinki City Run Half MarathonNaisten Kymppi (Womens’ 10K), Helsinki City Marathon, Helsinki Street Run and Chiquita Minimarathon.
EcoCompass Event system helps to document the environmental management of events. It is more transparent and directs the actions over 3 years.

What is being done:

  • All runners and spectators along the route are asked to respect the environment and putting the trash to trash cans. This applies also to the energy gel packs and their parts.
  • The route is cleaned carefully after the race. We have a Garbage Team ready to go!
  • Runners are asked to arrive with public transportation, if possible. The organization will document the driven kilometers and bicycle, public transportation or electric car is recommended as means of transportation.
  • New products and materials ordered for the events are made by recycled or environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.
  • Signs, marketing materials etc. are used in as many events as possible and the deficit is made as small as possible.  
  • One criteria of choosing the event partners is their ecological work and certifications. Partners are asked to respect the ecological aspects while working on events.
  • Reducing the waste and spoilage on all possible sectors and event areas. Recycling is increased and locations of garbage bins are optimized.
  • There is a possibility to recycle old running shoes at the Expo with a partner Liike ry.

 Please help us to go green!